The vase represents the blooming process of orchid flowers. Inspired by orchid’s geometry, we used simulation-based design in order to achieve a series of form studies resembling their blooming stages which later were transformed into a small catalogue of pleats and tessellated options.

“Orchids geometry is very peculiar, they have certain characteristics which other plants don’t have, making it a very particular reference to research.”

Using a combination of digital fabrication and traditional metalwork techniques, the vase is a series of folds and pleats that when joined create the overall form. By using this method, the welding points are reduced substantially, avoiding marks and less intrinsic formwork.

“This kind of logic is only possible with sheet-metal, which let's us manipulate from a flat-condition into a volume-condition.”

Tropical bloom originated from a study in tessellation and pleats referencing flowers, specifically tropical orchids. R.jpg